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DVM International B.V.

Our Web Shop for Loop Detectors is finally fully operational:
The Payment possibilities and the coupling with our logistic partner are tested and working.
The (automated) e-mails to customers are translated, the invoice is translated and the payment service is translated.

At present we have our shops in 9 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Czech.
We can offer our customers payment possibilities in 12 currencies.
We can handle all European customers now!!
To go to our Web Shops click here.

Next goal will be to fill the DOWNLOAD SERVICE with documents (manuals for Loop Detectors of most manufacturers)  in all languages, starting with the English language.


The first orders are coming in, and are shipped the same day!
At present Germany, The Netherlands and Czech Republic are leading in (numbers of )orders.
Hopefully, other countries will catch-up soon.



With the help of the new Extension from MageWorx we can now easily insert the documents in our DOWNLOAD SERVICE.
All available (to us, that is) documents in English are now inserted in our Web Shop and are available to customers world-wide.
If you have documents available that we do not have, please send these to:
We will then insert these in our DOWNLOAD SERVICE.
To go to our DOWNLOAD SERVICE click here.

Next goal is to insert the documents in the Germanlanguage.


All available (to us) documents in the German language are inserted. Hopefully that attracts (more) German customers.

Next goal is to insert the documents in the French language.